Home Care & Live In Care Services

Supporting You and Your Loved Ones

Some of the benefits of having live-in care or domiciliary care provided by Solid Staffing carers include:

Our highly trained staff have received specialist training of a standard second to none. This includes for example mandatory training covering care of vulnerable adults, safeguarding individuals and ensuring our clients choice, dignity, confidentiality and personalisation of care is preserved at all times.

Staff also receives follow-up training and access to additional knowledge ‘top-up’ and reinforcement resources ensuring our live-in carers are some of the most highly skilled in the profession, as well as being highly compassionate.

References can be provided on request.

We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission. For your peace of mind our carers’ are also insured in the unlikely event of accident al breakages to household items.

We are able to provide:

Domiciliary Care

Assistance includes: washing and dressing, having a shower, bathing, hair hygiene or shaving, support with incontinence care,  assistance with eating and drinking as well as meal preparation, make a cup of tea or wash up afterwards.  Our team of carers are trained in food hygiene and will provide snacks or main meals in your own home.

Household chores such as tidying, dusting, vacuuming, handling refuse and ironing can all become a burden at times and we can also offer help on these and more. From washing to laundry and dry cleaning our friendly team of cares can provide you with the help you need on a day to day basis.

Our staff can also provide assistance with your medication and health needs, collecting prescriptions or benefits, shopping services, signposting to agencies, support with managing your own money, support with accessing the wider community.

Respite Care

We can work with you to provide respite care ranging from a weekend to a month, six weeks to three months.Families and friends can enjoy short breaks away confident in the knowledge that a carer is available 24hrs.

Convalescent/ Rehabilitation Care

Our carers provide care and support for service users recovering from an illness or recovering from surgery.There will be times when you only need care for a short period, perhaps while you recover from an illness or have been in hospital for a while. We can help you regain your independence within your own home; giving you the assistance you need to regain confidence and help you get back on your feet.

End of Life Care

We strive to improve or maintain the quality of life of our service users living with chronic illness and we maintain their dignity and self-respect at all times.


We understand that loneliness can have a great impact on one’s well-being hence our carers are also available as companions.

Waking and Sleeping Night Service

A Waking night Service can be provided if you require frequent attention throughout the night and would prefer a carer remain awake and close by. We can provide a carer to ensure that you are looked after and made comfortable throughout the night and to be there should you wake up and require assistance.

A Sleeping night Service can be provided if you feel that the assistance required is of a lesser concern yet you would prefer a carer close by and on call should they be needed. The carer will sleep for short periods and maintain observation at regular intervals throughout the night.

What happens next?

We will respond promptly to your enquiry regarding our home care services. A registered manager will visit you, or the client to receive care, at home or prior to discharge from hospital if that is preferable.

Of course family or advocates can be present throughout the entire assessment of needs.  The experienced registered manager will assess your needs and the type of care required. They will talk through your specific requirements with you, forming a personalised care plan. Once we begin to provide a personalised live-in care plan a hard copy folder remains in the home with details of the plan and care, daily tasks and support provided.

On an ongoing basis where the carer is instructed to take care of small daily financial tasks such as bill payments, money is signed for and all activity and receipts is recorded in the care plan folder for family or a close friend or advocate to view.
For more information on our home care and live-in care services please contact us on: 0121 373 4331 or get in touch with our websites contact form here.