homeCarePWhy choose Live-In Care?

Live in care allows you or those you love to retain the emotional and practical benefits, including the stability, independence and familiarity that come with remaining at home, within the local community and neighbourhood. Choice and dignity make up the core principles underlying all home care provided by Solid Staffing.

Clients are free to choose their daily routines and when they choose to do something, aided and supported by our highly trained, compassionate and dedicated care professionals.

How does Live-in care differ from daily care?

Whereas daily care involves more than one different carer providing support and assistance throughout the week, live in care brings the familiarity and relationship building benefits for the client which comes with having the same person provide care. The care plan is developed around you or your relatives care requirements and chosen daily routine, so there is no having to fit in with the requirements of shift patterns. The continuity, peace of mind and companionship which comes with live-in care can be deeply beneficial to an individual.

For more information on our live-in care services please contact us on: 0121 373 4331 or get in touch with our website contact form here.